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Magical Clouds of Central Park

It’s a beautiful misty spring morning and I climb the stairs out of the Q train. I look up and see one of those magical New York sights. The clouds are hanging so low that I can see them actually flow through the trees of Central Park.

Beautiful low clouds flowing through Central Park
I’m struck still. This is so rare and beautiful.  I’ve got to share a picture of it with you. You need to see these low clouds hanging out in the park, slowly ambling by.

Of course, then I turn around and look behind me, because who can trust beauty to just be simple and perfect.
Clouds clearly coming out of a steam pipe in the road

Come watch me talk

If you’re interested in how software gets made when there are very tight deadlines and lots at stake, I’m speaking on a panel for the Hedge Fund Technology Group tonight.

Application Development Lifecycle Management

Even though we operate in the fast-paced and dynamic world of hedge funds, there is still a requirement for well-defined process to facilitate planning, creating, testing, and deploying software systems.

In order to ensure productivity and quality in development projects, many firms rely on a more formalized approach to their Application Development Lifecycle Process (ADLC).  In recent HFTG meetings, we talked about the governance and project planning aspects of ADLC.  In this session, we will focus around the “development” methodologies and tools that help the custom application development process including:

·         Version Control Systems – tools and best practices used for software control.

·         Revision Control Systems – transparency into code changes, who made them, and why they were made.

·         Continuous Integration – removing manual intervention for an automated build process.

·         Issue Tracking – track defects and understand what goes into each release.


Several of our members will share their methodologies, technologies, and experience with the group.  We hope to see you July 29th to join in on the fun.

The HFTG Members of the panel are:

  • Dan Chamberlain – Fir Tree Partners

  • Sean Lee – Coatue Management

  • Dave Avraamides – Centerbridge Partners, L.P.

  • Matt Katz – Perella Weinberg Partners

  • Josh Blackwood – Viking Global Investors

  • Kurt Brungardt – MSD Capital, L.P. — Panel Moderator

  • Nick Lagaros – Viking Global Investors– Panel Moderator

Joanna Ebenstein of Morbid Anatomy is raising funds to create a new public cabinet of curiosity within a 3-floor, 4,200 square foot building in Brooklyn, New York.

via BoingBoing!.

I wandered into Morbid Anatomy while roaming around the Gowanus and it was a wonderfully weird moment. I love this place.

Tracey Coleman’s Curly Girl Collective is in Ebony

I’m always proud of my SC to BK buddy Tracey, but she’s doing extra special work and it’s getting noticed.

“It’s hard to believe young girls like Tiana Parker and Vanessa Van Dyke are being sent home from school because their natural hair is deemed unkempt,” said Tracey Coleman who is a co-founder and the director of events for CGC.

via [BEAUTIFULLY BROWN OBSESSED] Curly Girl Collective Helps Black Girls Get “All Dolled Up” – EBONY.