In addition to my paid work in the financial industry, I spend time on things to give away.

You can get the PHP Formatter page featured on my resume that works with the open source XMLResume project.

When greasemonkey first came out, I wrote a few greasemonkey scripts that are still up and being downloaded on

I’ve also worked on the Add-Art plugin for firefox. It removes advertisements from web pages and replaces them with art that changes every few weeks.

If you use the excellent GTD application Tracks, you might want to take advantage of the Tracks ruby email integration script I wrote.

I taught myself to make some pretty things in Processing. You can see them up on my page at OpenProcessing. You should go see more in my processing gallery.

That gallery is an installation of FuckFlickr by the F.A.T. Lab – I didn’t do much work on FuckFlickr, but I did write Flickr Lube – a Ruby script that makes it easier to FuckFlickr.

I have a number of projects I’m working on currently:

  • UpFuckr: a FuckFlickr Foto Uploader for Android
  • Project Mina: a federated photo gallery. Flickr, but selfhosted and with friending across sites. Right now I’m concentrating on independent webhook federation.
  • Project Tyche: a project to put some color and art back on this site
  • Project Vulcan: It involves hammers, heat and is actually done but still secret for now. I am so proud of this and want to tell everyone about it.
  • Project WordPrss: Get a full fledged RSS reader into WordPress. Read where you write. Currently trying to build on Andrew Dolgov’s TinyTinyRSS
  • Project Q: Everyone says they want to leave but they don’t know how.

But wait, there's more

  • Just kidding, nothing's related to this.

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