Were you wondering what to get me for my birthday?

Look, I know I’m hard to shop for. I don’t want things. Here is where that is a lie. I cannot possibly justify buying myself a TextBlade . I really can’t. But I have a deep inner need to possess this. You should buy it now for me. If you order now you’ll get it by April and you have plenty of time to gift wrap it for me.

And let’s also remember the last time I asked you for a birthday gift. You did not get it for me, but I forgave you.

Low Budget Videos Rock

I love me some low-budget creativity. If you have time and creativity you can do a hell of a lot with next to nowt.

Parts & Labor doesn’t have any cash, but I really like their stop motion videos:


There also used to be this company that specialized in grants to bands for $99 music videos. Check out this one from Care Bears on Fire:

And the band that made their name on a smart idea for a video and catchy tune: