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A Poem about Proper Paperwork

Today is my birthday, and I’ve been overwhelmed with happy birthday wishes. I’m very fortunate and grateful.
I’d like to give you a gift back.
Here is a poem about the importance of filling out forms.
Please enjoy “We Know” in a browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Tonight we will be having dinner at Superfine in DUMBO and then off to see “Black Watch” at the St Ann’s theater. Perhaps we will see you Saturday at Cinco de Matto?

Not dead, just sleeping

Currently working on Project H, which involves many spreadsheets and calculations and trips and much gnashing of teeth.

Before that, I was under the radar on a huge CSS project for work. Lots of hours burned and no personal stuff.

Now I’ll be able to get a few book reviews done and make some changes for Add-Art. Looks like AdBlockPlus 1.3 doesn’t work with Add-Art, so I’ll take a stab at fixing that tonight. Then more polish on UpFuckr and a few ideas for Processing sketches.

Project Idea: Render Images with Dice Rasterization

This great video by Fujiya & Miyagi inspired me:

Why not write a Processing sketch that will take an image and render it in dice? It might be fairly easy:
Divide the image into square sections.
Calculate the average brightness of that square – like I did in my engraving sketch. 1
That average brightness should fall in one of six or 12 levels of brightness.
Choose a die face that matches that brightness level.
Paste that image into the image.

What could you do with that? You could produce a print. You could use it as a guide for actually laying out the dice and putting them in a frame – or using them to print letterpress style.

When you get into the physical dice, laying them out gets tedious. The next big step would be to have an arduino system 2 that picks up dice and places them for you.

You could offer physical pieces for sale.

  1. Click on the picture. The farther right you click, the lower the brightness cutoff. The higher you click, the finer the line detail.   (back)
  2. Arduino controller code is based on Processing   (back)

Project Idea: Context Free or Processing Header Plugin for WordPress

An iteration or so of the website ago I hacked in a random art generator into the background of the title of my website using ContextFree.js by Aza Raskin.  It was a cool little hack, but what would be really nice is to make it shareable.

I’d like a WordPress Plugin that finds the heading of your website and inserts a little Canvas element, includes either processing.js or contextfree.js and picks a sketch, then plops it in the background of your website’s title.  How cool would that be?