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Time in Motion Series by Fong Qi Wei

many time slices of the same view expanding in a circle

Chinatown Sunset, 2013, All Rights Reserved by Fong Qi Wei

This is a follow up to my previous series Time is a Dimension (TIAD). In TIAD, I spliced different time slices into a single print. That was to work within the nature of a physical print. However, in this set of manipulations, I present a medium that is neither a print nor a video. In short, I use the GIF format (don’t ask me how it is to be pronounced!) to create a looping animation that shows a single landscape / seascape but with a constant shimmer of … time.

I wonder if an omniscient being experiences something like the sets below? Where all instances are One. And past, present and future are merely terms…

via Fong Qi Wei.

Originally Found from Electric Objects


I was talking about my favorite Lars von Trier movie recently and it put a spark in my head. See, I was playing blocks with Maximum Baby and his job is to make sure that I can’t build a tower. No two blocks shall be on top of each other!

When he gets excited and starts banging on things and knocking over the blocks and squeaking I can’t help but think of him squeaking out “CHAOS REIGNS!”

So I had to make a baby onesie.

CHAOS REIGNS Antichrist Baby Onsie creeper

You should be able to buy it by clicking that image.

If you want to remix the image, I got it from a post on Know Your Meme. I made an SVG from the png file they had, then cleaned it up and removed the rainbow colors in InkScape. Here’s the SVG file for your remixing pleasure!

Via the great DVDP. His tumblr of incredible gifs he made is a timehole that can eat your day.

New up on the wall


Just got two new things framed. When Sam was little, her mom made her a cross stitch pillow with a scene of animals calmly gathered around a lion. We’ve put it in a deep shadowbox so it can go up on the wall for Secret Project Baby‘s room.
Little pillow shadow box

We also have a memento from Japan that we’ve never figured out how to properly display.  We loved the idea of Furoshiki – little cloth wrappings that you can reuse. We bought a really nice one and, after trying some other approaches, found a way to really show it off.20130428_124122_Livingston St

I also just got some new panoramas from friends for above the dining table and I’m excited to try them out!

Do Not Touch – celebrating the death of the pointer

I like music videos that can’t be on MTV. The new web enables new art, and that’s what I’m interested in.
Light Light Video - cursors stay in the green zone

You should go listen and participate in this crowd-sourced video for Light Light’s new song Do Not Touch.

You will interact, you will be part of it. Go now – and I’ll be part of the video with you. We’ll play a game, we’ll be a mask, we’ll fight a boxer, together we will make a smile. One of those pointers is mine!

See you on the internet…

Your art on my wall!


Dr. Mallin sent me this panorama from the top of Mount Grandeur in Utah. Now it’s up in the cloud gallery.

I’ve gotten some great submissions from friends – but many are too short! Please send me your highest resolution longest panoramas. Or don’t worry about it and send me whatevs. I’ll edit it to make it work if I can.

Here is what it looks like in the room. That’s Robin with River on his lap.