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Let’s not be friends on facebook.

Let’s be friends right here.

I’ve got a website and I’ve got a feed reader. That’s how I “publish to the world”. See, all Twitter and Facebook really are is a way to post and get a feed of all the things your friends are saying. But someone is selling your friends to you.

You can get a website for free. You can get a feed reader for free. Google Reader or Bloglines or net news wire – etc.  There’s tons of feed readers out there.

I like google plus, and yup, I’m on google plus.  It’s got the same privacy concepts as diaspora, but unfortunately centralized.

I’m on twitter and identi.ca.  But they are just microblogs.  Oh – they also have direct messages!  That’s micro-email!

So just email me.  Just get a WordPress or Blogger blog.  And when you want to step up to your own website, I’ll help you set that up and import all your old posts in. It’s super easy.  No one will sell your friends to you and someone else’s website going down won’t blow up yours.

Ditz – the distributed issue tracker

If you are using a distributed version control system 1 you get some really cool benefits and some really strange problems.

When I was toying around on a project with Aaron, I fell in love with ditz. We needed a quick way to keep track of bugs, without taking the time to set up a central bug repository. We wanted a bug tracker that could live in the same place as the code, where adding a friend to kick in on code didn’t require more accounts being set up and maintained.

Ditz did all of that, works straight from the command line, and even outputs some sweet html pages for display to the world.

Ditz is kind of abandonware right now as the original author has gone on to other things – but the state it is in right now is just perfect for my personal projects. If you are using it, I’ve added an RSS feed for the html output.

And the really good news? I just convinced the maintainer to make me a co-maintainer. So that means that I can integrate features! Once we get enough in for a new release, I’ll post an update right here!

  1. like git or darcs or mercurial, etc.   (back)

How could you hack open subtitles?

The Miro open subtitles project just got funded at kickstarter.

The promise is an open source of subtitles for video. Now the subtitles won’t be restricted to the people who made the video. They are anticipating use for the hearing impaired and for translations.  Why am I excited?

The project is also designed to make this decentralized, so that it can be implemented by other video players, and so that users can subscribe to multiple sites of subtitles.  That’s the interesting bit!

I’m seeing subtitles as commentary, subtitles with contrasting dialogue, snarky notes about continuity issues and product placement, or political connections…  Imagine the amazing ShiftSpace web experience 1, or Google’s Sidewiki, but for video.

It’s just cream that the project was funded by tiny donations from lots of strangers 2.

  1. I know Mushon through Eyebeam and Add-Art   (back)
  2. I’m one of them   (back)