Ditz – the distributed issue tracker

If you are using a distributed version control system 1 you get some really cool benefits and some really strange problems.

When I was toying around on a project with Aaron, I fell in love with ditz. We needed a quick way to keep track of bugs, without taking the time to set up a central bug repository. We wanted a bug tracker that could live in the same place as the code, where adding a friend to kick in on code didn’t require more accounts being set up and maintained.

Ditz did all of that, works straight from the command line, and even outputs some sweet html pages for display to the world.

Ditz is kind of abandonware right now as the original author has gone on to other things – but the state it is in right now is just perfect for my personal projects. If you are using it, I’ve added an RSS feed for the html output.

And the really good news? I just convinced the maintainer to make me a co-maintainer. So that means that I can integrate features! Once we get enough in for a new release, I’ll post an update right here!

  1. like git or darcs or mercurial, etc.   (back)

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3 thoughts on “Ditz – the distributed issue tracker

  1. This post is a bit old, but are you still using ditz? I’m interested in checking it out, but them gem isn’t running for me. Just trying to figure out if it’s worth my time to muck with it, or whether I should just let it rest in peace.

    1. I still love ditz and I’m totally not using it. I’m an official maintainer and could probably work on it, but it is nowhere on my list of things to do.

      If I was going to use a distributed issue tracker today, I’d check out https://github.com/MichaelMure/git-bug
      It is going generally in the right direction.

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