I need to see if my remote connection to work is healthy and if my remote connection to video conferencing is suffering.

I wrote a little utility to handle that in the commandline. It’s dumb but it works. Let’s call it pingplotter. It’s in the public domain, go nuts.

It’s fine to just pop in a terminal you have open, but it plays really nice with tmux and glances (I use both).

I think I spent nearly as much time making these screencasts as I did writing the shell script. I should blog that too, if only so I don’t have to research that again.

But wait, there's more

4 thoughts on “Pingplotter

    1. I don’t care if others make money off of it. This script is so simple, and I don’t want to support it or sue anyone over it. The public domain is perfect for that, where I have no stake and don’t mind if someone else makes a different choice for their improvements.

      So if you make multiple improvements on this script, like toazd did, and then choose a different license – go for it!

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