Today I start transferring my domains from GoDaddy

They are a crappy company.  The head of it shoots elephants for fun. The advertisements are the worst kind of drek. They supported legislation that breaks the internet.

Fuck ’em. I will be following these steps and let you know when it is done. Where am I moving them? I haven’t decided.  I have heard good things about and

But wait, there's more

3 thoughts on “Today I start transferring my domains from GoDaddy

  1. We’ve been using Dreamhost for over 10 years and have had good experiences with them. They are a registrar and a host and you can have either/or/both services with them.

    1. I’ve been using dreamhost for hosting for a while, love it. I registered the domains with godaddy initially, but I’m moving them to dreamhost.

  2. I went with Dreamhost for nearly all of my hosting and domain needs back after the elephant shooting thing. I have one domain remaining over there, because the extension currently isn’t supported by Dreamhost.

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