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Today’s subway reading from 1953

I picked up some old Amazing Stories magazines up at a flea market in Woodstock. 

Robert Sheckley and Richard Matheson – I’m sold!

charles the robot mourning mark
The Robert Sheckley story Beside Still Waters has great art by Virgil Finlay

Beside Still Waters is a sweet story of a lonely asteroid miner dying. Full of mystery and possibilities.  I wonder why Sheckley never became a bigger deal?

The Richard Matheson story is weird- an infant daughter falls into another dimension during the night and is rescued. Mostly by the family dog. The last sentence is a puzzle for me. 

So some night we may look up and hear Arthur Godfrey chuckling from another dimension. 

What? Do not understand. 

Wow, that kinda casual sexism don’t fly these days.