I want another ebook reader

I LOVE my Kobo Aura – it’s a damn perfect ereader. But now the Kobo folks have something even better that I’m lusting after. The Kobo Forma is a new version that is a little bit bigger and has a new feature that would really revolutionize using it.

It comes with dropbox integration! Currently the Aura is great because I can buy books online from their store, check out books from the NYPL right from the ereader (this is huge), cool articles sync in from Pocket and I can sideload pdfs or ebooks easily using USB. The Forma makes everything sync wirelessly – I can write a script to drop new books or pdfs or anything in by just putting it on a dropbox share.


This is very hot and good. I wish they would backport this to the Aura – but if not it seems like a feature worth buying. I’d also like them to open this up so you can use providers other than dropbox, but (like my synology nas share!)

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