Save Crush3r – an open letter to Ericson de Jesus

Hi Ericson,
Crusher was my favorite invite service.  I used it once or twice a year for my parties and thought it was just dandy.  I want to avoid big services because I didn’t like the way they were monetizing me and my friends. They felt gross.

I am an open source developer.  Not a great one, but a persistent one. If you are shutting down crusher and you don’t have a way to make enough money off it to support it, why not get some credit for what you made? If you want to make it an open source offering from Particle, that would be awesome.  If, instead, you’d like some help, I’d be willing to offer some hours from my side to open source it and make it easier for other folks to self-host and contribute.

I think it would be a shame if the great work you did just went poof!  I’m willing to chip in some effort to make this usable to lots of other folks.  If you can’t open source it, I’d love any advice or patterns you can suggest if I want to take this on as a project after I finish up Wordprss – an feed reader for wordpress. I’d like to have an easy evite alternative that I can self host and trust with my friend’s info.

So I’d love to hear from you – any thoughts on how to do this?

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6 thoughts on “Save Crush3r – an open letter to Ericson de Jesus

    1. Two important things – Eric got in touch with me, fully supportive of creating an open crush3r. He’s up for it, I’m up for it, neither of us has time right now. If you have time to work on it,I think he’d be willing to work with you.

      I have been just sending people emails.

      1. Hi there — i was looking online for different options for sending invites and came upon this thread. It seems crush3r is no longer around and I can’t find any evidence of it online. What made it so great? Why did people seem to love it so much?

        1. Hi ZR, Crush3r was wonderful because it lacked a lot of the bullshit that all the other options have. You didn’t have to sign in to rsvp, it wasn’t covered with tons of advertisements.

          I actually did get contacted by Ericson and we discussed doing an open source self-hosted version, but it petered out due to scheduling conflicts and lack of real energy around it. I’d love to help out if someone else takes up the torch but I don’t have time right now to accomplish my current projects let alone start this one.

  1. Hey Matt, Ericson here. Still no compelling options for event showcasing out there. Can’t believe evite is still around, with a few clones. So I’ve been working on something new since mid-last year. Not Crush3r, but in the same spirit. I’ll let you know when I have it up.

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