Monthly Archives: March 2012

Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K., and the Humble Bundle

This is an awesome time to be alive. Everything keeps changing. I remember when it was common knowledge that you had to cripple the movies and games you sold to keep people from copying them.

These days, that old myth is falling apart and people are realizing that alot of that was a pricing issue. Louis C.K. took a chance on his fans and sold them 100% DRM free comedy at $5 a pop.  His fans made him a million in 12 days, because he is genuine and treated them like people.

The Humble Indie Bundle was a crazy idea that you could offer fans 100% uncrippled games for windows, mac and linux – and let the fans pay whatever they want. They also let fans decide where the money goes – to the developers or to a charity!  They stomped it, raising buckets of cash for the developers / the Child’s Play charity,  and have gone on to release many more of these, now including Android versions as well.  Sadly, Apple’s rules prevent the team from offering iPhone games.

Now Azis Ansari is offering the same deal Louis CK offered: Stream or download a 100% DRM free HD video of Aziz Ansari’s latest comedy set – for just $5.