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How to make an engagement ring

This project will take around 7 years of preparation and 42 hours of labor.  Choose your inspiration wisely, then make sure to work with a professional for guidance, troubleshooting, advice and assistance. 1

Gather your materials.  In our case we will be using recycled white gold, a few flecks of rose gold and a Moissanite 2 gemstone.

Recycled white gold and a silicon carbide gem Continue reading How to make an engagement ring

  1. Sam Abbay of New York Wedding Rings is a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend him enough. He makes sure that all materials are sourced ethically and safely.  He gives great advice and helps you through the most difficult bits.  The ring I made with him is the most beautiful project I’ve ever worked on.   (back)
  2. Silicon Carbide   (back)

The Fish that Fell in Love with the Moon

Once upon a time, there was a fish that fell in love with the moon. While other fish swam in water warmed by the sun, our fish waited for the cool moonshine and the rise of his beloved moon.

He loved the moon and everything about her. He loved her delicately laced surface, the white light she gave off, her changeable waxing and waning.

One night our fish decided to seek out his love. Continue reading The Fish that Fell in Love with the Moon

Six Years Ago Today

At the Danger's  "Rights of Passage" party

I went to the most important party ever.

It was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I wasn’t going to go, you weren’t going to go. It was a “come as a rockstar” party and I came as the world’s worst Billy Idol (black hair, t-shirt and camo shorts – only the sneer was close) and you came as nothing like Annie Lennox.

Somehow you’ve stuck with me and put up with me. I’m not the easiest person to get along with – but you are. I can’t be anything but a better person when I’m around you.

Today, I’m celebrating the best six years of my life, and looking forward to the rest of it.

I love you Sam and I’ll always be thankful for rooftops and Wesley Willis.