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Yes We Scan!

Carl Malamud for Public PrinterI completely and fully endorse Carl Malamud for the office of Public Printer of the United States.  He’s kind of a transparency hero,  the guy who’s been putting government documents, the ones we paid to create, into the public domain and on the internet.  Typically, the laws that govern us are are locked down by the difficulty people have in accessing them.  The budgets and such cost money to print and you have to pay printing and postage to get a copy.

Carl’s been active in getting the copies, and then putting them up online for free.  That way people can look at them, cite them, comb them for problems.   There couldn’t be a better person in charge of the effort to give citizens information about their government.

You can read more about this hero of government openness at the website dedicated to putting him in the government: Yes We Scan!