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Everything’s a trade-off

My hands, damaged from pull-up and hanging practice with callouses I have to file down or risk tearing off.

My fitness goal for 2024 is to be able to do a single one armed pull-up on each arm. I still want to maintain my previous progress of being able to do a pistol squat (and improve it to be less ugly).

This means I now have to do hand maintenance, which is new to me. I have to take a FILE to my hand to sand down callouses or they build up and TEAR OFF.

Managing health overwhelm

Just finished this great episode from my favorite health nerds at Wild Health.

It’s a short, very accessible episode focused on how to do “not too much” health. It’s especially good because these are really data intensive folks that go deep on lots of different tailored practices. Here they talk about not doing all the trends, focusing on what actually helps you embody what you value in your life.