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My legs hurt

Group 3
I did a 5K last night in Central Park – which sounds like nothing, but I am not a runner.

The last time I ran was 15 years ago in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, with Chris Acton. It was terrible. I ran the 5K race in Rochester in a terrible 45 minutes. I was so slow and awful that my elf-lord boss ran backwards in bare feet encouraging me to keep going.┬áIt seems kind, but it also seems kind of like krumping to show someone that it isn’t hard to dance.

Anyway, this time was better! I don’t dig the 30 minutes of being corralled while we wait to start or the crowding, but once the run started I was able to get going and stay going. I’m still slow – finished in 32 minutes – but it’s better by a lot than last time!