PDF Wallet Generator

I’ve worked with Ryan Stewart of ipapercraft.com to improve his initial work on creating a paper wallet PDF generator. I like having a paper wallet since it is thin, free, disposable and biodegradable. For some reason I’m really interested in wallets.

What I’ve done:

  • modified the php pdf library from R&OS to handle rotated text blocks better. I’m submitting the changes in, so hopefully they’ll be included into a new version.
  • Created a wallet class that abstracts out the important stuff for making the wallet, including image rotation and text rotation.
  • Modified Ryan’s generator class to use my wallet pdf class.

Source code for my pdf wallet class, my changes to class.ezpdf.php and class.pdf.php and the modified generator are all in my subversion repository. As ezpdf is a public domain license, I’ve also made my changes available under a public domain license. Go buck wild.

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  • Just kidding, nothing's related to this.

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