Get your resume in multiple formats with Google Docs

Here’s a cheap good way to provide your resume in multiple formats.
Write it in google docs.

Then, when you link to it on your site, provide the multiple formats by building links to that in various formats.

Update:  It turns out that this only works if the person who clicks on the link has a google account!  Bad Google, no cookie!  Never fear, there is a way to do the same thing using Zoho, and I’ve written up a guide here.

The base url you use is: “

At the end of that you stick on “&docID=<DOCID>

You get the <DOCID> from the url of the document once you publish it.

For example, here’s a poem. See that how there is a bit of that url that says &docID=dfqmshq6_0dtnmh9 ? Well, dfqmshq6_0dtnmh9 is the docid.

And at the end of that you stick on “&exportFormat=<FORMAT>
The available formats are: rtf, doc, oo (open office), pdf, txt.
Now my old poem is available as a google doc and as Rich Text, Text, Open Office, or PDF.

You already have an existing copy? Try just copying and pasting – from word or html, google docs does a good job of pulling in formatting.

I wrote mine in xml and used xsl formatting in PHP as meta information: it proves I can write code and that I am a nerd. You may not need to do that – then use the google doc way.

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