Get your resume in multiple formats with Zoho viewer

I wrote an earlier article on how to do this with Google Docs, but it suffered from one problem. Anyone who clicks your resume has to have a Google account, and not everyone does.  Not so good for hyperlinking on the web. Up and coming online document editor Zoho fixes this.

  1. Upload your resume to Zoho Viewer. Use the most meaningful format you have, not your barebones text resume. Also,use a short title: Myname.resume.doc is good, spaces are bad.
  2. Make note of the id that Zoho gives it. In this doc, the id is sJaMbi – we will write this down somewhere.
  3. Now you can write urls for your website or blog.

Zoho uses 4 parameters for their document conversion urls, only one changes for each type of document.

  • fname: this is the original file name you uploaded. For our file, it was monsters.doc
  • ftype: this is the original file type you uploaded. For our file, or any Word file, it is .doc
  • genUrl: this is the id for your doc. For our file, the id is sJaMbi.
  • ttype: this is the type to transform your file to. The available types are:
    • .doc – Microsoft Word document format.
    • .pdf – Adobe’s Portable document format
    • .rtf – Rich Text Format
    • .txt – Plain Text format
    • .odt – document format
    • .html -Html for webpages.

Then you string these together to make a url for each type of your document, only changing the ttype parameter for different outputs. Like so:

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