Daily Archives: 2018-08-24

Week 3003

Things are a bit calmer this week.


Got through delivering a few projects and now I’m talking with my folks about getting a team into the annual Hackathon – maybe doing a chatbot.

Also talking about ways we can get better and faster at responding when things go wrong and how we can not fail at support. Pushing our goals a bit there.

Also in talks about visiting our remote teams, working from India with them for a bit.

Nerd stuff

As part of getting things working in tmux, I thought it would be nice to not only have test scripts running using entr, but to also see what’s going on with the machine I’m running, maybe in a corner pane. I installed python glances and I realllllly like it! It adapts really well to different resolutions.

a gif of python glances on ubuntu


Another full 5 days of bike commuting! Another 60 miles!

I had to get my brakes fixed – and City Bicycles was super nice. Charlie works the front desk looking like a super nice tiny Slash and we lost track of time talking about riding and music and New York.

Slash from gnr
This guy fixed my bike but smaller and skinnier and nicer.


A photo from Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength showing bad squat form captioned "Don't do this, you fool."
My brain, right before I do this.

I’ve been working on a dragon flag. Negative isn’t looking too shabby! Christina took a video:


Max Lazer is being super creative. He’s been designing little video game maps on paper full of traps and zombies and bombs and portals. We get pens and work out how to get to our destination and win. It’s tiring and awesome and I love him.

Zelda is all kinds of tempermental! She’s gotta be teething. It’s lots of crying and cuddling and wah wah. On the other hand, she’s really playful and mischievous and working hard on her walking. She just gets up and stomps around a bit – but she really wants you to hold her hand.

Also, the biggest joy is seeing them play with each other.

On the web

I’m constantly thinking about quitting twitter. I quit facebook and have felt great about it. I hate that twitter is so welcoming to racists and awful people. I really like the non-awful people on it. If @jack is so welcoming to white supremacists I don’t want to be part of his business.

On the other hand, I like finding gems from Robin Sloan:

And I discovered Naomi Wu who made me think in much broader ways about western takes on feminism and maker culture biases and @xlnbwho got me thinking even more about my unconscious biases and on and on and all the smart good folks are so good.

As Carly Leinheiser put it, these places are hard to shift from. It’s that shitty bar you go to because your friends are there. And now that my friends aren’t at Floyd, I don’t go there.  I’m probably going to give Mastadon a go for a bit, but maybe I’ll just go back to emailing and blogging here and sign up for NewsBlur which looks like the greatest thing since google reader.