UpFuckr Released!

Version 0.2, code named “Good Enough” is now out.


What is it?

UpFuckr is an open source Android uploader for FuckFlickr.  FuckFlickr is open-source image gallery software that won’t narc you out.  You host it yourself and it keeps things simple and easy. It was created by the Free Art & Technology lab as an alternative to hosting your photos on a certain Yahoo-owned photo sharing site.

What are the features?

  • Share single or multiple photos from the Gallery
  • Share to a main folder on your FuckFlickr or choose a folder on your fuckflickr for each upload.
  • Create a new directory on your FuckFlickr site. You know, put in the name of the concert and then start taking pictures and uploading them there.
  • Shows each picture as it uploads. Nifty!

What does it look like?


Where can I get it?

QRCode to scan for installation.
Scan this with your phone to install

You can also try downloading it from the website.


How can I thank you?

Buy me a beer. Or a bear. Prices vary for both.

Or help on one of the features or bugs. Or do something nice in the world and then tell me about it.

How can I report a bug?

Are you a developer?

I’m a developer

Please fork the project on github. The bugs are tracked in the source with Ditz. Add the issue in ditz and commit. Then send me a pull request. While you’re at it, feel like taking a stab at the issue? Go on, you know you want to.

I’m not a developer

That’s a shame. I’m not getting paid to do this, it’s a labor of love for me.
I have some suggestions.

  1. Learn – it isn’t actually all that hard. If a monkey like me can do it, a monkey like you can do it. I’d much rather help teach you to fish than fish for you.
  2. Write your issue on a check or a dollar bill and send it to me. I’ll be happy to enter your issue into the bug tracker! Or hey – why not donate and include your issue in the paypal note!

How did you make this?

I downloaded the android SDK, fired up vim, and five million google searches later it just popped out.


Why did you make it?

It scratched an itch. I use fuckflickr, it is what powers the photo gallery on my website. I needed a way to upload photos from my phone to my website. I wanted a way to learn Android development. Why have an open source phone if you don’t do anything interesting on it?

Why do you use fuckflickr?

Shi Tao is serving a 10-year sentence in prison for writing articles calling for political reform in China. Yahoo helped put him there.  If the day comes when you upload a photo of something that someone powerful doesn’t like, expect to see your account shut down with the quickness.  Expect to see your identity shared.

Also, I like it.    I think that you can save yourself a lot of heartache by using open source software and hosting your own cloud.  Facebook, Google, Flickr, Smugmug – all of these are the future Geocities or Fotki or Yahoo Photos or Sony ImageStation or Radar, etc. Something new comes along, something dies. You aren’t the customer for these services, you are the product.

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