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  • This page showcases all the fonts that Font Squirrel offers for use with @font-face CSS embedding. Though we try very hard to verify compliance with license agreements, please read them yourself before using. Font Squirrel makes no guarantee that our interpretation of each license is correct (since most have no @font-face clause). Please tell us if we are stepping on your toes.
  • Without much conscious thought, most of us have built identities across the web. We've filled in profiles, uploaded photos, videos, reviews and bookmarks. The Ident Engine uses semantic web API’s to bring together these web footprints.
    Identity Discovery

    Uses Google's Social Graph API with data from profiles to build the list of identities.
    Profile Discovery

    Creates a collection of profiles from across the web using identity search
    Combined Profile

    Combines the profile collection together to find the most complete description of an individual

    Builds a lifestream by combining identity search with calls to API endpoints.
    Photo Picker

    Presents all the profile photo's of an individual to create a simple photo picker UI.