This week in review

At work, we have a full build process working now, thanks to Jiho the new guy and the msbuild task in nant. If you are trying to get vsto to work under nant, that seems to be the only way. We’re into some of our final testing now, it’s very exciting.

My sister’s sweetie John isn’t doing well. His health is rough and his dad just died. If you want to get in touch and wish them well, let me know and I’ll give you their contact information.

Sam and I are on the lookout for a house/apartment to buy. If you’ve got any good leads or advice, we always appreciate it. Sam has also decided to teach our cats to crap in the toilet, which should make for some amusing and terrible experiences in the coming weeks.

Installed Cygwin and rails under cygwin so that I can be more flexible in making a switch at home from windows. Very easy, not as harrowing as my past linuxy experiences have been. Then again, it’s always the hardware that’s the real hassle. Sam has generously donated to me the laptop I donated to her a few years ago for my ubuntu project.

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  1. Dude, you know that Clau and I will be happy to talk your ears off about the ins and outs of buying an apartment in NY, especially all the things that we didn’t learn but wish we had known when we bought ours. Let’s discuss over many drinks as soon as Clau can open her mouth…


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