Daily Archives: 2007-04-19

Best Screensaver Ever

About a year ago I bought a huge monster flat screen TV. It’s nice for watching movies on and a heck of a lot less trouble than setting up the projector. It sucks a lot of power so I try to leave it turned off most of the time, but I’ve got a great reason to leave it on. That reason is Slickr. It downloads the most interesting pictures from Flickr and gracefully fades them in and out and about on your screen.

If you are staring at it and a really good picture comes up, you can hit “d” on your keyboard to make it your wallpaper. Hit the spacebar to launch the picture behind the scenes in your browser.

DD-WRT Router Slowdown solved

My apartment is wireless. Really wireless. No cable, no phone. But I live in the future, where the internet is involved in anything you do. So my neighbor has a wifi router that we’ve put DD-WRT on. It’s really much better than the original firmware that comes with your router, for a number of reasons. We’d been noticing a slowdown though. The router would, over the course of a few days, get slower and slower. The key symptom was that DNS lookups would be really spotty.

Turns out that bittorrent clients open up a lot of ports, especially if they are using dynamic hash tracking (DHT). The limited number of ports the router was allocating were being filled up by DHT and not released.

Router slowdown solution, from the dd-wrt wiki: increase the max number of ports and then decrease the timeout delay for those ports. I put this solution in on Tuesday night, and it’s been fine since then.