Daily Archives: 2006-02-13

ghstnguitars – great late night subway music

Saturday was busy. I went up to hunter mountain for some riding and then deeper into brooklyn for a pal’s birthday party. Coming back late at night this guy gets on and begins playing guitar, his amp strapped to his back. He gave me this crappy little xeroxed card that gave his myspace address – this stuff is great for a late night subway ride.

Blues For Haifa
Pocket Change
Saras Street

New York is looking white and clean

originally uploaded by imbrettjackson.

After hitting an icy hunter mountain on saturday I was sick all day sunday while a foot and a half of snow dropped. Chairs have disappeared in my backyard.

I have to go in to work even though I’m sick. If I called in sick, no one would believe I wasn’t skiving off snowboarding.
Oh, how troubling is this world of mistrust.