Monthly Archives: September 2004

Let’s not applaud yet.

I’m just waking up on sunday morning and I throw on the news. NBC has found this family of butter trolls and given them a nutritionist and a physical trainer man. It’s three months later and they show the before picture of dad. He was 303 pounds, 6’3. Three months and he’s lost 28 pounds. He looks essentially the same. Maybe his big toe is smaller. Same fat face, same man tits, same jiggly neck.

This little stick of a human interest anchorwoman, so chirpy you can practically see the coke eating her nasal passages away, she asks him what the reaction from family and friends has been. He looks exactly the same.

“Oh, they are all saying ‘Wow!'”

I bet they really did say wow to convince him he’s doing well.

Internet Explorer, Firefox Preview release and porn.

I’ve recommended to a number of my friends and coworkers that they get firefox for a nicer time browsing this here interweb.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, it’s important that you get it updated rightnow. There is a current vulnerability in IE that means simply looking at a .jpg can let bad guys do nasty stuff to you. Since the web seems to have a whole lotta images on it, it means that it’s impractical to browse with images turned off. So go get that fixed.

Firefox coincidentally has a similar issue for .bmp images in an older version. The current version is all good, but if you don’t have it, best go get it now. I looked into all the technical hoo ha and it comes down to a single library with an error in it.

Called libpr0n. What’s up with the name?

From their FAQ:

Why the name “libpr0n”?
The main goal of the library is to render pornographic images in an efficient way.

Phone Adventure

I went to the beach with my phone. When I left I no longer had it. Sam and I thought maybe it was just misplaced somewhere. But I got an email that led me to think otherwise…

From: Kira

Reply-To: Kira

To: Matt

Subject: stop prank calling me! or start.

uh, have you been calling us? or have you programmed your name to

appear on some crazy lady’s number when she called us? i just talked

to her. she sounded indian.

whats up?


From: Matt

Reply-To: Matt

To: Kira

Subject: Re: stop prank calling me! or start.

I lost my phone at the beach!!!

Someone is using it?

From: Kira

Reply-To: Kira

To: Matt

Subject: Re: stop prank calling me! or start.

apparently. your name comes up on the caller id, anyway. the first

time i called back, i just got yr voicemail, so i left a message, then

it called again, but there was no one on the line when i picked up, so

i called back and asked what sounded like an old indian lady for you.

she said wrong munber and hung up. thats so random and weird. did

you somehow have my boston number programmed into your phone? if not,

the coincidence is overwhelming. are you sure your not just prank

calling me?

maybe i’ll call her again tonight, see what she has to say.


From: Matt

Reply-To: Matt

To: Kira

Subject: Re: stop prank calling me! or start.

It was my phone. I programmed your number in after you sent everyone

your “I give up I’m getting a cell phone” email. A coworker also got a

call. He probably comes up under K. I called and finally got them!

They answered, but they wouldn’t talk to me. When I called back, they

wouldn’t pick up.

So I’ve cancelled the service. I think when I get the bill I’ll have

to go through and call those numbers…. Maybe the people they gave

the phone number to will call it.

I wonder what happened… Sam thought she had just lost the phone in

the sand. Maybe someone stole it?

So I’m waiting to get a new phone. The wistful part of me kind of wishes that they would’ve talked to me. I’d love for it to have been a great random intersection, but hey.