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Mischief is so tempting

I got this from my work –

To: New York Associates

From: New York Market Development Team

The City of New York is once again on the national stage. The 2004

Republican National Convention will be held in New York City and will run

from Monday, August 30 through Thursday, September 2. It will bring 50,000

delegates, guests and dignitaries (including 15,000 reporters) to our City.

The Convention?s guests, 70 percent of whom have never before visited New

York, will fill hotels, restaurants, and theatres and take advantage of

benefits and discounts being offered by an array of merchants and cultural

institutions. The NY economy will benefit from an infusion of cash and the

international community will see the vitality and strength of our City’s


The NYC Host Committee 2004 is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization

created to help host the Convention and is responsible for organizing the

welcome and execution efforts of this unprecedented event. The Host

Committee is dedicated to facilitating a turnkey, seamless event for the

Convention while showcasing the best of New York City.

Host Committee Volunteers will perform critical jobs during the 16-day

period from August 18 to September 3, performing key duties and playing

crucial roles in the areas of Transportation, Information Services,

Hospitality and Special Events. All volunteers will be trained and provided

with uniforms.

If you?re interested in volunteering with the NYC Host Committee, simply log

on to the web site at

Steganograhic Poetry II

I just had another idea about steg poems. You could also use a binary scheme. Unfortunately it’s even less practical, as you need even more lines for each letter. My previous scheme involved a 26 line key, then one line per letter. So for a message X letters long, it would take X+26 sentences.

Unfortunately to translate a single letter to binary requires eight sentences. So while it took 22 sentences to hide “help me”(32 if we had written out the full key), it would take 48 sentences if we used binary.

And I don’t think I could write a 48 line poem with only two rhyme sounds.