New Wordprss progress

Finally got through some  major sticking points with my Wordprss project.  Wordprss is my open source feed reader for WordPress.  It’s coming along faster now and I thought I’d give an update of where it is:

  • It pulls in RSS/ATOM and displays it!
  • You can use the “hjkl” or arrow keys to navigate from entry to entry and from item to item
  • Entries get marked as read when you click on them or use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can mark something as unread.

Things to work on now:

Only display unread items

Make it easy to add or remove subscriptions to feeds.

Automate when feeds get refreshed.

Upload this to a test blog and eat my own dogfood!

It’s also a good time to start working with some collaborators on this. I’ll post some messages to friends and whatnot to see what makes this work.


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