Week 3043


Finally got a date for Maxwell’s IEP review, so we can work with the school system to get him more appropriate education.

Max scrawls out "NO GRLS  ULAWD!" for his door.
Max is, however working on his writing since has found a use for it.


Spent a bunch more time exploring pytest to get through some testing. Discovered magic to skip tests, filter warning messages out, run only failing tests, and adding py.test flags to tox.ini – which is nice – I don’t like to have lots of different places for all the configuration to run.

Also started puttering around at night on yet another little project, based off of this fun idea from Alice Goldfuss. It’s just a cookiecutter project right now, but that makes it so much easier to get started with making something shareable. Cookiecutter is really good community scaffolding for python projects and I’ve been evangelizing it at work.


Been doing a lot of organizing and going through our backlog to remove old projects or identify what we don’t care about any more. I want to also start tracking urgency for projects which is a function of size of request, time since request – with a wave function. A request that is 2 weeks of work but has been waiting a little while is more urgent – because you are losing the window where we can actually help the customer well. A small project that waits for 6 months is probably not urgent at all – by this point everyone probably has a workaround and it should probably be removed from the queue in that case. A large project that waits a little is usually ok unless there is a firm deadline.

This was all in service of better tracking our work and being able to present more intelligently about what we are doing. The presentation went well, so it paid off at least once

I also had a really good conversation about what is in the espresso pods at work and how does decaffeination work – love getting obsessed and delving into things with people. Of course I made a wiki page – people need to know how to choose their coffee!

Finally wrapping up the last items for our first wave of the Py2-Py3 conversion work. I’ve been a bottle neck on some of it, but it’s really important to lay good foundations for future work.


More axe throwing with The Lawyers. Then drinking. Then Korean food. Then Karaoke. I was best at the eating and drinking where I have a phenomenal amount of practice and natural talent.

I will spare you video of the karaoke.

But wait, there's more

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