Daily Archives: 2018-08-17

Week 3002

Vacation thinking

I’m almost into my first 90 days at the new job. I want to think about vacation. Sam and I have discovered the miracle of separate vacations. We like traveling together, but going with little kids is super hard. You don’t really recharge and a 1 year old doesn’t get much out of it either.

So in between jobs, I went on a “Broatia” trip of 3 dads together romping through Croatia. It was amazing. I was so relaxed to just not be responsible for 3 people. We could drink and carouse and hike and we all had so much energy because we just didn’t have the weight of our (loved) children.  I came back super refreshed from mountain biking, kayaking to islands, swimming in sub tunnels, hiking, jumping off cliffs, etc.

And when I was back I watched the kids for a week while Sam went off to Barcelona with friends from London. Sometimes it’s even easier to be a single parent – you just know it’s all on you and you get it all done without having to consult anyone!

So we are going to do that again. She’s figuring out what she’s going to do and I need to think about where I’ll go and what adventure to go on.


Friends! This is a good thing to reach out to me on. Let’s buddy up and do a thing! I miss you – let’s have an adventure. Snowboarding? Exploring a country? Volunteering somewhere? What would you do with up to a week of Matt?

Nerd Stuff


After my beloved Terminator died in my linux environment at work, I finally gave in and started using tmux. And of course, it’s better. All the old stuff that has survived is really good. Sure, I lost an hour mucking around with configuration and learning how to make it do the basics – but no more than that.

As an elderly nerd, I no longer spend days tweaking my environment and giving myself more cruft to maintain. I look for stuff made by other nerds and adapt it so I’m using their energy. In this case I just cloned a configuration called “Oh My Tmux!” and voila. Things are sweet and well configured now.

In tmux, I now use ctrl-shift-c and ctrl-shift-v to copy and paste.

Jumpstart a linux box

I have a little intel nuc at home that I’ve been trying to use as a mini server to convert video and do little tasks at home, but I rarely log in. For some reason, Sunday night I logged in to see if I could make a restore point and I ended up unable to log into the box, and applying updates to my router and damn near unable to do anything with that. So now I want to make sure I can flash the damn thing back to a usable state easier.

The box is dead! So if I bring it back I’m tired of going through and re-installing things on a linux box. I made a little script to jumpstart getting a linux environment working since I’m working in linux at home and at work.

Monetizing Machine Learning

While I was on a break from work, I spent some time helping Manuel Amunategui by doing a technical review for his book Monetizing Machine Learning.

Book should be out next month, I really enjoyed helping on it and I learned alot about actually using Machine Learning models. I feel like I started to actually get a handle on Bayesian predictions that I never understood before. I’ll put up a link when it goes on sale. I’ve already been paid for my technical review, I don’t get a commission.

Bike Stuff

Biked in the rain on Monday/Tuesday and used lunch time to install some silly wheel lights! If I had a car I’d be so atrocious and tacky.

This was a big week! I rode to work every day this week, even when I had things to do or it was rainy, etc. I just made it happen. Clocked up 60 miles this week! That brings me up to 237 miles so far this year.  My legs are feeling stronger and it is easier to go faster longer. The Manhattan Bridge is still a sonuvabitch, but I have started doing the downhill with my legs crossed or just standing on 1 pedal and a hand on the seat and the handlebars. Stuntin!

Z-Ray walks!