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Plague update

A drawing by Max of him and Dad hiking and doing a “skramble”

We’ve been weathering the Coronacrisis upstate in Saugerties. It was immediately clear that trying to work full time remotely while educating a 2E kid and a toddler in a small apartment was going to end up in an Overlook Hotel situation.

Up here we have a backyard with a a swing and some room to run. Put in a trampoline. On the weekends we can go for hikes.

Max in a sweet pose with Sam and Z in the background at the Esopus creek nature preserve

Max says he’s forgetting his home because he’s been up here so long. On the bright side he’s also much more interested in hikes and walking outside. He’s noticing that and thinks it might be because there’s less noise outside up here.

Queen Z with a stick she was twirling

Zezus has been having a grand time. Hikes wear her completely out. She’s been doing walks around the block and stomping in puddles with me. Bath times are capped by putting on pajamas in front of the fire.

We’re still trying to find a balance so that Sam isn’t overwhelmed and I can get some work done. Trying a new schedule with some explicit breaks for each of us. Trying to just be more chill with each other and be ok that the kids are gonna get more screen time.

Sam being abused by a pile of tiny monster children

Six Years Ago Today

At the Danger's  "Rights of Passage" party

I went to the most important party ever.

It was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I wasn’t going to go, you weren’t going to go. It was a “come as a rockstar” party and I came as the world’s worst Billy Idol (black hair, t-shirt and camo shorts – only the sneer was close) and you came as nothing like Annie Lennox.

Somehow you’ve stuck with me and put up with me. I’m not the easiest person to get along with – but you are. I can’t be anything but a better person when I’m around you.

Today, I’m celebrating the best six years of my life, and looking forward to the rest of it.

I love you Sam and I’ll always be thankful for rooftops and Wesley Willis.