MAX LAZER at the CMOM exhibit "Hello Japan!"

Orbital 0.2.1 – Secure Polyglot is out in the wild

I got a bit busy and I never did the release post for 0.2 so this is a big one with lots of features!
MAX LAZER at the CMOM exhibit "Hello Japan!"


Orbital is now translatable using the standard WordPress API mechanisms. If you’re a translator please contact me! I’d love to work with you to translate it! You can see the sample .po and .pot files under the “languages” directory in the plugin.

Blogroll as a Widget!

I’m really excited about this! One of the reasons I had an idea for this whole thing is that I was frustrated that the blogroll widget didn’t synchronize with my feed reader.  Why wouldn’t it just be a representation of what I’m actually reading?  So now that’s done! You can choose to display a link to the underlying OPML for download if you like.  I’d encourage you to do that because public OPML files online is a really good idea. I also put in a promo link but you can totally turn that off. I’m conflicted about putting that promo in because I’m not much of a self promoter – but I want to share this thing with more folks if possible.

Fast Feed Switcher

I don’t really like taking my fingers off the keyboard, so I really like keyboard shortcuts. I’ve added one more keyboard shortcut!  Type g to bring up a window that will let you go to any feed. You should be able to start typing the name of a feed and auto narrow down to whichever feed you want, then hit enter to go to it.


I’ve added essential protection against cross site scripting attacks. In case someone is actively trying to mark your feeds read or import new feeds for you, they can’t do that anymore.


Some folks experience the feeds stopped updating! That’s not good behavior for a feed reader – so it’s now fixed.
Some folks experienced a problem when they had multiple users and a user with non-edit permissions was added. That should be fixed now.
If you uninstalled the plugin it didn’t clean up after itself. Now Orbital is tidier and cleans up to not leave traces.

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