WordpRSS Status Update: pretty sweet

Current image of wordprssI’ve been using my kaizen hack time to work on a social feed reader for WordPress. Right now, here’s what it can do:

  • Install itself and set up database tables
  • Put in a few sample feeds
  • Pull feed entries down into the database.
  • Display the list of feeds
  • When you select a feed, display the items

I’m using Ember.js to power the GUI and it seems good, but the documentation isn’t as well developed as Backbone or Knockout. I might end up switching because I find myself stumbling on little things.  Right now I think I’ve figured out how to mark items as read, but I’m not sure.  That will be a big step –  then it gets to wear big boy pants and become a real feed reader!

One thing that’s really helped is that the documentation for these libraries is also on github – so I can checkout the whole site locally and actually get some something to refer to when I’m coding on the subway.


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