Project Idea: Rasterbator in Processing or Java

I looked through the code for the awesome Rasterbator, and I think it could be pretty easily converted to Java/Processing. If I did that, then the mighty Rasterbator wouldn’t be tied so closely to the Windows platform. 1

The tricky bits are to correctly calculate the pages and to get PDF working. The last time I worked with PDF was on the Paper Wallet Generator and it was very tricky. The Rasterbator code is pretty clear, so this is a project that is doable in a weekend or two. However, given that there is a already an online version, perhaps it isn’t worth doing this.

  1. Yes, I know about Mono. Novell and Miguel are doing a great thing. But .Net/C# has the stink of Microsoft on it, and most open source developers shun it, rightly or wrongly. That’s reduced the installation base for Mono. Aaron Williamson points out that the license terms for .Net granted to Novell for Mono are also troubling to many open source developers.   (back)

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