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Gross: Organisms That Look Designed

Organisms That Look Designed: “The purpose of this pro-creationism essay is to document several potentially unevolveable organisms of staggering complexity and design. As much as evolutionists will try, their (often pathetic) attempts to deny the undeniable, that life exhibits all the hallmarks of intelligent design, inevitably falter when faced with the evidence. As the rest of this document demonstrates, intelligent creation is necessary to explain the mind-boggling complexity of many organisms.”

.:Swanky Gruel:.

You know who’s still cool in South Cack? My buddy Skylar, who’s running .:Swanky Gruel:., a DIY girly site. It’s the best kind of use of the internet. Okay, best non-dirty use of the internet. It’s local, global, free and it forms a community.

Me likey.
Now I just need to go help them out with this whole RSS syndication thing. For me, right now, if it doesn’t have a feed, it really isn’t on the internet.

Sol has pics of Mt. Baker!

Top of Pakalolo - Shredded it!
Top of Pakalolo – Shredded it!,
originally uploaded by Solman.

My man Sol just posted a bunch of pics from his trip to Mt. Baker. It looks gorgeous out there – I’m jealous!

Check out his great photo set on Flickr.